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Dark Scrubs

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Prosecutors say at least 10 mistakes led ex-(hospital) nurse... to accidentally give a patient a fatal dose of the wrong medication two years ago, including (the nurse) overlooking a boldfaced warning immediately before injecting the drug.

"An Alexa-powered program known as Aiva is making it possible for patients to interact in a hands-free manner with nurses, while giving the patients control over certain aspects of their environment. It’s the world’s first patient-centered voice assistant program designed for hospitals.

The Aiva project sees patient rooms equipped with Amazon Echos and empowers each patient to control certain aspects of their environment with the sound of their voice. For example, a patient can use his or her voice to turn the room’s television on or off, and can even change the channel with commands such as “Alexa, change the channel to ESPN.”

Whereas previously nurses were frequently asked to help with the in-room television, Alexa does that job for us, allowing nurses to focus on providing the highest level of patient care.

Of course, more serious or urgent requests require the assistance of a caregiver, and Aiva is ready and waiting to help. If a patient needs assistance getting to the restroom, he or she informs Alexa through a voice command. The request is routed directly to the mobile phone or the appropriate caregiver—a nurse, clinical partner, manager, or administrator. A request for medication, for example, goes to the nurse on duty, while the aforementioned bathroom request is routed to a clinical partner.

But if any request is not answered in a timely manner, Aiva has the ability to send it up the chain of command."

(from Elite Learning, Piloting Patient Care)

Someone wondered how my of these jewels will wind up missing:

Nurses that “only do it for the money”

Those last two comics were inspired by threads on the nurseswebsite. Since some administrator pissed me off with their insulting, condescending, patronizing PM, I've decided not to frequent the site except to maybe get an idea for a comic.

I'm looking to the masters for inspiration and these next two comics were inspired by Sam Gross:

Instead of a cuckoo clock to announce the time, couldn't a nurse have a call light clock?

If a young girl was playing Nurse Mommy and had Resusci Baby as her dolly, couldn't Resusci Boy play the part as the Resusci Baby's Daddy?

Imabutterfly from the nurseswebsite sent me a PM asking me to share a memorable nursing experience for their rag. I took this multi-paneled comic from "Davey Do's Difficulties" and submitted it without a narrative.

Quote from nurseswebsite administrator: "Threads that are submitted that are 'serious' in nature (not humorous) do not warrant a cartoon response unless, as stated, the OP alerts you to include one. Otherwise, it is considered derailing the thread.  This shows respect for the OP’s topic as well."

I was reading through one of my journals from 1992 when I worked at Anomaly State Hospital. These cartoons are based on actual interactions and events.

Could the manner in which one obtains a lucky charm affect its power?

This individual could be a donor or a recipient: