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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Cartoons are fun to draw but they can be very time consuming, so sometimes I'll take a photograph and edit it and/or add word balloons, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

This fist meme is the result of a photo of two of my favorite gals- my wife B and little sister Cat taken after we had breakfast together at a local restaurant:

This is a meme with another one of my favorite gals, my work wife, Eleanor:

I edited several pics I found on the internet for a little story titled "Lawn Socks, Boobies, and Mirages":

Okay, I'm a little hard of hearing. But my wife B is a low talker.

We're going into Target. I ask, "What are we here for?" I thought I heard B say "A lawn sock". "Why do we need a lawn sock?" I ask. "AN ALARM CLOCK!" B replies in a normal volume. "Oh yeah", I say.

While pushing the cart down the isle by the DVD's, B tells me "My kids are boobies". "Your kids are boobies?" I ask. "HERE ARE THE MOVIES!" she says in a normal voice.

We go to look at the alarm clocks. B tells me of an artist that stuck a bunch of clocks together to make a "mirage". "I think the word you're looking for is collage", I corrected her. "No, I think it was a mirage", she says. "Oh", I replied, "It really wasn't there."

B and I were watching a DVD of NCIS the other night when I turned my back to the TV. I heard a female say something and I asked B, "Did she say...

"NO!" B replied, "She said...

This is one of my most favorite memes about bloodletting I made from a pic that I found:

Here's a meme I made from some pics that I found on the internet edited with a photo of me titled "Preceptor From Hell" about my first day at Weed Rover Township Hospital in March of 1984:

The other night at work, I asked a computer savvy friend/coworker named Jason to help me do something on my website. Jason helped me but then he said he thought blogs were more for girls and young women who wanted to be models and posted pictures of themselves online.

I told Jason that I really was driven to post my art online. Jason said I should go back to working on my '51 Chevy pickup truck because being a mechanic was much more manly than being an artist.

Well... I just HAD to do something to prove to Jason that I was manly;

Several years ago, I was involved in an art show and was talking with one of the patrons. She was asking me questions about myself when I told her that I was a nurse. "Oh!" she replied, "My sister's a nurse and she works at a prison!"

The patron began to relate a story from her sister's work, something about the prisoners attempting to distill home-made alcohol, and at one point said " sister's prisoners..." when Judith, another artist, walked up on the conversation. Judith had a puzzled look on her face as the patron finished her story.

When the patron's story was completed, Judith said, "Oooooh! When I heard you say 'my sister's prisoner's', I pictured a bunch of men chained up in your sister's basement with a portrait of her tattooed on their arms!" as she struck a portrait pose.

Sort of like this:

This meme is made from a 2001 newspaper article photo of me and another artist when we were involved in a Recycled Art Show:

I had a operation in July of 1986 before I got married the first time. I believe one of the reasons I had this operation was because of an electronic game my parents bought for us when we were young. Having been exposed to the procedure at such a young age allowed me to feel comfortable with my decision to have this operation:

Here's meme I made a few days ago of our cat Blue in front a the Christmas tree B put together and decorated:

We nurses label each other by our work personality. For example, a "Rock Star" nurse is one who is an exemplary performer. I once referred to an emotionally volatile male nurse as a "Real Reactionary".

This meme describes a nurse who gets gets pulled from their home unit and is a real monster with which to deal:

I feel pretty. I feel pretty and witty and wise!

Well, we all have our issues.

Here's a meme I made out of a pic Eleanor took of Rooty and me before we went into a patient's room to treat them for head lice:

And now, a word from our sponsor:

There are some professional hard working women who like to do things the simple old-fashioned way. They want to breast feed their babies and need to pump while at work.

This product is for them:

And now: Back to our program.

Dead End questions can sometimes go nowhere really interesting. So on the nurseswebsite when I was asked how long I had worked in the medical field, I responded with a meme:

I was working the adult male psych unit some time back on the MN shift when a patient attacked me. I was able to get him into a therapeutic hold and a code was called. The patient was put in restraints, yet continued to be a big behavior problem.

Several attempts to reach the psychiatrist to obtain orders for a chemical restraint were to no avail, so the administrator on call was contacted. The administrator on call, Amy, had informed us in the past that she had a "back door number" to the psychiatrist. The plan was, if the psychiatrist failed to return our calls in the event of a much needed order, she would contact the psychiatrist and have him contact us.

We waited and received no call from the psychiatrist. We attempted to contact Amy to no avail. After hours of being in restraints, the patient acquiesced to follow staff's instructions and said he would commit to safety, i.e. he would do no harm to anyone.

Some hours later, Amy telephoned the unit and apologized for falling asleep while attempting to contact the psychiatrist and set a new plan in motion: In the event the psychiatrist did not return our call and she fell asleep while attempting to contact the psychiatrist we should call her husband's cell! She gave us her husband's number so we could call him and he could wake her so she would contact the the psychiatrist!.

But- what if the husband fell asleep before he could wake up Amy so she could contact the psychiatrist so he would return our call?

Pretty slick plan, eh? The dog could wake the husband who could wake Amy who could contact the psychiatrist who could return our calls for much needed orders!

Hope the dog's not a heavy sleeper.

I wonder if Amy has a cat.

Or mice?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Curiosity Killed the Cat and Got 50 Hospital Employees Fired

At Chicago’s Northwestern Hospital, Jussie Smollett, an actor from the TV series “Empire,” was admitted after he was physically attacked. According to reports, he suffered bruises and facial lacerations.

Out of curiosity, over 50 hospital employees, including nurses, decided to check the celebrity’s medical records.  Many said they didn’t go past the name screen but that was enough to be a HIPAA violation. Those individuals lost their jobs.

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