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Black & White Comics

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

This cartoon pretty much says it all:

What would a show be called that featured medical professionals with dark senses of humor?

My sister Cat has been a trainer, working with developmentally delayed clients for nearly 30 years. She loves her job, but it is a tough one. I've told her that she is a...

Some situations are just plain awkward!

When I don't have my computer tablet, I to do drawings on a computer, I have to use a mouse. The problems drawing with using a mouse is that they're awkward, they wear out and get blood all over their pad.

What if a wimpy fruit tree sought services from a psychiatrist after he broke up with his girlfriend?

What if Captain Hook flipped off Jack Sparrow?

Remember that 70's song about a guy who had been through the desert on a horse with no mane? This was the first thing they met.

A squeaky wheel needs to be blessed by Fr. Gun.

One of my favorite lines from "The Wonder Boys":

They say that fences make good neighbors.

I wondered: what it would be like if Col. Sanders was also a Pastor?

The late great Hank Williams was reputed to have said something like,"If a song can't be written in 20 minutes, then it ain't worth writing!"

This is the way I feel and believe most interactions should be:

What if a bicycle sought services from a psychiatrist about his sexual orientation along with his symptoms of mental illness?

This is an idea for a dog snack:

An idea for a rest stop sign using the appropriate silhouettes:

Some road signs sound like announcements for sporting events:

Listening to the song "How Sweet It Is", I sometimes wonder if James Taylor wasn't a romantic optometrist:

How about a medical disco movie about a fever and having to take bad tasting medicine with a song based on one from the movie "Mary Poppins"?

What if there were no ink cartridges for copying machines? Would we then have to resort to using squids?

My dog, Dopey Joe, had a higher conscious was a real philosopher:

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