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Pen Pleasure

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Yes. The pleasure of the pen. Just holding it and watching the ink stain the page or the pixel being put down.

Hmm... "putting down a pixel"?


Art Addict

The Cumbersome Mouse- save this one to draw at work when you have to use a mouse!

Drawing at Work- maybe this one too.

No Ideas

TV commercial around 1970... Chubby Checker said, "A little thing I did called 'The Twist'"...

Yesterday was spent straightening and shoring up the chicken coop. I had the Jeep's radio tuned to an AM Oldies Station, KQQZ, when I heard this on the news:

The nurseswebsite is filled with threads of aberrant behavior and tragedies. I brief over the story and one or two typical responses since they all basically say the same thing.

The young pullets are in the chicken coop, I fixed my phonograph and it's playing Bach, and I got my old computer tablet working so I can keep one at home and take one to work for down times!

I can use the word "ass" on this website. Nurseswebsite won't allow profanity. So a member responding to a thread I titled "Wise One Liners" wrote, " If you look around and everyone is an ***, you’re probably the ***. 

Made sense.

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