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Childhood Comics

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

My older brother Eddy requested that I show a neighbor boy how I could ride the old sow Marcella:

My little brother may have gotten into and ate some D-con. Since we were a one-vehicle family in those days, so Mom called a neighbor lady to take us to Anomaly Memorial Hospital.

I had a T&A at Anomaly Memorial Hospital when I was seven years old. The morning of my discharge, a nice nurse asked me a question with a word with which I was unfamiliar:

I figured I'd better say I did it if I wanted to get out of the hospital.

I owe a great debt to my Mom who was extremely supportive of my Art. This is an actual copy of the drawing from the magazine I remember doing in the living room watching the mother cat (I think her name was Trixie) and her kittens play:

I thought the salt and pepper shakers looked like rocket ships and loved to play with them. One afternoon, when I was about four years old, while I was suppose to be napping with My little sister Cat and my Mom, I got up to play with them.

The salt shaker had just blasted off and was going into circling the earth when the top fell off, spilling the salt on the floor.

Mom caught me and boy was she mad!

At the age of six, I didn't know who President Kennedy was and had never herd of Dallas TX. Had the tragic event not been so great, this is how I would have remembered that day, if I had remembered it at all:

One of my most favorite quotes and mantras is a paraphrased Edgar Cayce quote: "Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation". But even after all this time has passed, JFK's assassination is sad.

This is one of my attempts at finding some humor. In the days following JFK's assassination, I remember images of a flag-covered horse-drawn casket:

Dad use to play his guitar and sing a song that would make us kids cry:

As a kid, did you ever walk through the woods only to be accosted by some Insulting Tree?

It's best to be prepared.

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